Gone Forever

tart cherry + meadowsweet

This complex fruit cider combines barrel-aged cherry wine with new season keeved cider.

Somerset cherries were fermented on-the-flesh in July 2019 and aged in red wine barrels for seven months.

Dry-herbed meadowsweet adds subtle almond notes and cryo-extracted floribunda crabs add tart acidity. Natural sweetness and soft tannins are layered in from Somerset bittersweet apples for a confident cider finish.

Collage by Dimitris Koutroumpas of the Art Bank Cafe, Shepton Mallet.

Blending & herbs in collaboration with Merlin Labron-Johnson of OSIP, Bruton.

Gone Forever :: lost cherries | found herbs

4.7% abv | tart fruit
Item Price Quantity
75cl bottle 2019 £14.99 sold out
case of 6 x 75cl bottles 2019 £80.95 sold out
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