Somerset keeved cider

Our original keeved cider, made by us since 2010.

Fresh bittersweet cider apples are partially fermented to produce a naturally medium cider without sweetening or pasteurisation.

Wild yeasts, cold cellars and the low nutrient orchards of Pilton are all key elements in the process. Light and refreshing, it is best served chilled, as an aperitif or with food.

5% abv | medium dry
one 75cl bottle at £8.49


barrel-fermented Somerset keeved cider

A fruity keeved cider, partially fermented in oak barrels.

Keeving and initial fermentation takes place in large vats but on Burns Night the young cider is transferred to Scotch whisky barrels to finish and mature.

Medium sweet with smokey vanilla tannin and an oaky finish, Tamoshanta is great served chilled with Somerset Cheddar.

4.7% abv | medium sweet
one 75cl Bottle 2019 at £8.49

Max Lux 2014

limited edition 2014 Somerset keeved cider


The sun beat down on Somerset orchards for 1618 hours in 2014. And as every cider-maker knows, good sunshine makes good apple juice sugars and good apples make good cider.

A keeved cider made from 100% bittersweet at 1057SG, fermented wild and slow into 2015 and bottle aged on the lees since then.

6% abv | dry
one 75cl Bottle 2014 at £8.49

Smokey Plum Two

natural plum wine with keeved cider

Spontaneously fermented natural plum wine, sweetened with our keeved cider and aged in smokey Islay whisky barrels.

Intense smoke on the nose, followed by tart plum, balanced with sweet apple tannins and a long finish.

5.4% abv | medium sweet
one 75cl bottle 2019 at £14.99

Scarlett Sharpe

dry-hopped blackcurrant

Flesh-fermented-barrel-aged blackcurrant wine, blended with naturally sweet keeved cider and dry-hopped with Mandarina Bavaria and Mosaic.

Ripe red fruits on the nose, sour currants on the palate, real cider tannins on the finish. Superb with soft blue cheese.

5.4% abv | sour fruit
one 75cl bottle at £10.99

Gone Forever

tart cherry + meadowsweet

This complex fruit cider combines barrel-aged cherry wine with new season keeved cider.

Somerset cherries were fermented on-the-flesh in July 2019 and aged in red wine barrels for seven months.

Dry-herbed meadowsweet adds subtle almond notes and cryo-extracted floribunda crabs add tart acidity. Natural sweetness and soft tannins are layered in from Somerset bittersweet apples for a confident cider finish.

4.7% abv | tart fruit
one 75cl bottle 2019 at £14.99

In Touch

pinot skin contact

Pinot skin contact, keeved cider. A collaboration with Dunleavy Vineyards, guest blended by Martyn Goodwin-Sharman.

Fresh juicey fruit upfront, with complex bold tannins for a long lasting finish, from both bittersweet apples and red grapes.

5.5% abv | medium sweet
one 75cl bottle 2018+2019 at £10.99

Pomme Pomme

keeved cider with quince

This fruity cider brings together bittersweet cider apples with their pomme family third cousin, the quince. The unique tart astringency of the quince is balanced here by the natural fruity sweetness of our classic keeved cider.

4.8% abv | medium sweet
one 75cl bottle 2019 at £10.99

Queen of the Brue

keeved quince

This natural fruit wine is made exclusively from quince, hand picked in orchards on the banks of the river Brue in Somerset. The quince's rose-like floral aroma and unique tartness make a truly distinctive, full flavoured drink with a long fruity finish.

Acidic and tart it goes well with strong cheese or fatty meat.

5.5% abv | extra dry
one 75cl bottle 2018 at £14.99


cryo-concentrated Somerset keeved cider

A rich dessert cider made from freeze-concentrated apple juice.

Autumn-pressed bittersweet cider apple juice is first keeved and then frozen. In early January it is carefully thawed to extract a rich juice leaving the water still frozen. This concentracted juice is then slowly fermented and matured for nine months.

Intensely sweet, yet clean tasting, this cider is great with dessert.

10% abv | very sweet
one 37.5cl bottle at £16.49


vintage Somerset keeved cider

at dawn
last midsummer's day
i met a man
in the tower
on glastonbury tor
playing the DIDGERIDOO

This smooth, rich cider has been fermenting, ever so slowly, since the balmy autumn of 2018 until the crisp spring of 2020. It perfectly combines the complexity of a keeved cider with the warming funk of a traditional Somerset farmhouse.

6% abv | sweet summer funk
one 5 litre wine box 2018 at £29.99

Long Weekend

mixed cases

Three 75cl bottles for the perfect long weekend.

This mixed case contains:
 one 75cl bottle of Pomme Pomme
 one 75cl bottle of Max Lux 2014
 one 75cl bottle of Scarlett Sharpe

mixed cases
one case of 3 x 75cl bottles at £28.94

Freestyle Fruit Triple

mixed cases

Three 75cl bottles of our freestyle-fruit cider.

This mixed case contains a selection of full flavoured fruit ciders:
 one 75cl bottle of Pomme Pomme
 one 75cl bottle of Queen of the Brue
 one 75cl bottle of Scarlett Sharpe

mixed cases
one case of 3 x 75cl bottles at £35.12

Pilton Family

mixed cases

A mixed case of our most popular bottles:

 one 75cl bottle of Pilton
 one 75cl bottle of In Touch
 one 75cl bottle of Tamoshanta
 one 75cl bottle of Pomme Pomme
 one 75cl bottle of Max Lux 2014
 one 75cl bottle of Scarlett Sharpe

all mixed cases have savings off the per bottle prices

mixed cases
one case of 6 x 75cl bottles at £55.52
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