Speciality kegs

We supply the following range of keg cider to the trade through regional distributors. Please get in touch for more details.

And you can also order via Eebria Trade for direct delivery.

Murmuration :: Jonagold + keeved

Murmuration blends two cider styles together for the perfect balance of flavour and structure.

Bringing fragrance and fruit, we have low-tannin Jonagold, fermented with a trilogy of aromatic wine yeasts. To this, we have paired our classic Somerset keeved cider to bring natural sweetness, robust bittersweet tannins and a wild yeast finish.

Murmuration is named after the formations of starlings that swirl over Somerset orchards at harvest.

Available in 30 litre kegs. 5% abv

Pomme Pomme :: keeved cider with quince

This fruity cider combines bittersweet cider apples with their third cousin in the pomme family, the quince. The unique tart astringency of the quince is balanced here by the natural fruity sweetness of our classic keeved cider.

Available in 20 litre keykegs. 4.8% abv

Smokey Plum :: natural plum wine with keeved cider in smokey beer barrels

Gloucestershire plums were fermented on the flesh for a month, knocked down every day, the natural wine way. This fruit wine was sweetened with our classic keeved cider and our friends at Wild Beer brought lees from a sour beer in a peat smoked Laphroaig barrel. After three months in barrel, we present a smokey, sweet, sour cider-wine-beer.

Available in 20 litre keykegs. 5.4% abv

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