Somerset keeved cider

Our original keeved cider, made by us since 2010.

Fresh bittersweet cider apples are partially fermented to produce a naturally medium cider without sweetening.

Wild yeasts, cold cellars and the low nutrient orchards of Pilton are all key elements in the process. Light and refreshing, it is best served chilled, as an aperitif or with food.

5% abv | medium dry
one 75cl bottle 2022 at £8.99


barrel-fermented Somerset keeved cider

Naturally sweet Somerset cider, partially fermented in scotch whisky barrels, from Speyside.

Soft fruity sweetness embraces gentle vanilla tannins and leads you to a delicate smokey finish. Tamoshanta is great served chilled, with Somerset Cheddar.

5.9% abv | medium sweet
one 75cl Bottle 2022 at £9.99

Pomme Pomme

keeved cider with quince

This fruity cider brings together bittersweet cider apples with their pomme family third cousin, the quince. The unique tart astringency of the quince is balanced here by the natural fruity sweetness of our classic keeved cider.

4.8% abv | medium sweet
one 75cl bottle 2021 at £10.99

Fox Dog Cat

Somerset keeved cider

A super-smooth blend of mature Jonagold, with just a touch of funk and a dash of smoke on the finish; sweetened with our classic bittersweet keeved cider.

The distinctive text-only label was created on a 1935 typewriter and features the exploits of the quick brown fox and the lazy dog as they enjoy cider and generally hang out at Cat's bar.

5½% alc | extra medium
one 75cl Bottle at £9.99
sold out

Stray Dog Cafe

Brown's Apple and keeved cider

Twelve month barrel-aged keeved cider from 2021, blended with naturally sweet keeved cider from the following season. Brown's Apple brings refreshing acidity to complete the balance.

Made in collaboration with chef Merlin Labron-Johnson, for his Michelin starred restaurant Osip in Bruton, Somerset.

5.5% abv | medium dry
one 75cl bottle at £10.99

Matt's Bike

islay barrel aged keeved cider

Six month smokey barrel aged keeved cider.

A briny sea blast through the smouldering embers of an orchard peat fire.

5.5% abv | medium dry
one 75cl Bottle at £10.99

Star Ship

many fruity cider

keeved cider with
fermented blackcurrants, greengages, gooseberries, redcurrants, whitecurrants and cherries

5.5% abv | fruity
one 75cl bottle at £14.99

Smokey Plum

natural plum wine with keeved cider

Spontaneously fermented natural plum wine, sweetened with our keeved cider and aged in smokey Islay whisky barrels.

Intense smoke on the nose, followed by tart plum, balanced with sweet apple tannins and a long finish.

5.0% abv | medium sweet
one 75cl bottle 2021 at £14.99

Road Trip

still Somerset cider

Featuring Tremlett's Bitter & Brown's Apple, grown in the south somerset parish of Haselbury Plucknett. Fermented with Metschnikowia pulcherrima, partly in burgundy and in rum barrels.

The label was drawn in 1916, as a fantasy journey, looking forward to a brave new world, after the first world war.

5.5% abv | off-dry, still
one 75cl Bottle at £10.99

Queen of the Brue

keeved quince

This natural fruit wine is made exclusively from quince, hand picked in orchards on the banks of the river Brue in Somerset. The quince's rose-like floral aroma and unique tartness make a truly distinctive, full flavoured drink with a long fruity finish.

Acidic and tart it goes well with strong cheese or fatty meat.

5.5% abv | extra dry
one 75cl bottle 2018 at £14.99

Two Rivers

Somerset cider

This cider is made from orchards that lie between the rivers Brue and Sheppey in Somerset.

Crisp Jonagold brings fresh green apple flavours, whilst an orchard blend of bittersweet varieties bring tannic structure. The keeving process has been used to preserve a natural fruity sweetness.

6.3% abv | crisp
one 33cl bottle at £3.99


dry Somerset keeved cider

Dry keeved cider, made to celebrate 10 years of cider-making.

Blended from multiple tanks and barrels for complexity and balance.

Complex, full-bodied, dry cider.

6% abv | dry
one 150cl magnum bottle at £19.99

Pilton Family

mixed cases

A mixed case of our most popular bottles:

 one 75cl bottle of Pilton 2022
 one 75cl bottle of Tamoshanta 2022
 one 75cl bottle of Road Trip 2020
 one 75cl bottle of Matts Bike 2021
 one 75cl bottle of Pomme Pomme 2021
 one 75cl bottle of Stray Dog Café 2022

all mixed cases have savings off the per bottle prices

mixed cases
one case of 6 x 75cl bottles at £56.65

Three Cherries

black cherries, crushed limes and keeved cider

Black cherries fermented with crushed limes and aged in neutral oak barrels for seven months.

Fresh lime aroma on the nose joins rich cherry on the palate. Natural sweetness and soft tannins are layered in from Somerset bittersweet apples for a confident cider finish.

Mixed cases contain bottles from all three producers.

5.0% abv | tart fruit
one 3 producer triple case at £44.99


Full flavoured farmhouse

Enter the labyrinth - a full flavoured farmhouse cider.

The first of a series, the Minotaur blend is built around smooth Harry Masters Jersey from 2020, which delivers gentle tannins and confident maturity. To this we have layered in a young Nehou from 2021 to bring robust astringency. The blend is completed with just enough natural apple sweetness from our classic orchard blend keeved cider.

Unfiltered, undiluted, cloudy, still, no sugar or artificial sweetener.

5.9% abv | medium still cloudy
one 20 litre bag-in-box at £99.99

Gift Tubes

presentation packs

Presentation packs for our big bottle products.

Each stylish matt black card tube, will take any of our 75cl Pilton bottles. With simple Pilton black and orange branding.

gift packs
one empty gift tube at £1.00
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