One Juice

one juice - five ciders

A smooth mellow keeved cider, made as our part of the One Juice project.

Once upon a time, back in November 2019, five cider-makers began an experiment to see what would happen if they each made a cider from the same apple juice.

Ross-on-Wye Cider pressed five batches of an identical blend and each was taken away by a producer to be made into a different cider.

the makers:
Ross-on-Wye Cider & Perry Co
Oliver's Cider & Perry
Little Pomona Cider & Perry
Hogan's Cider
Pilton Cider

One Juice is a series of five diverse ciders, each fermented by a different cider-maker, following their own chosen approach but using the same raw ingredients. This unique project explores the concept of nature versus nurture and the role of the maker in fermentation.

The mixed case contains one bottle from each maker and a tasting notes booklet. Very limited quantities available, if sold out here, please contact speciality cider retailers.

mixed cases
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