Three Cherries

black cherries, crushed limes and keeved cider

This complex fruit cider combines a barrel-fermented cherry and crushed lime co-ferment with new season keeved cider.

Black cherries were fermented on their skins, with a handful of crushed limes in July 2021 and aged in a neutral oak barrel for seven months.

Fresh lime aroma on the nose joins rich cherry on the palate. Natural sweetness and soft tannins are layered in from Somerset bittersweet apples for a confident cider finish.

Three Cherries is an experimental fermentation project that brings together Once Upon a Tree Cider, Little Pomona Cider & Perry and us at Pilton Cider.

Mixed cases contain bottles from all three producers.

The starting point, as the name suggests was cherries - 250kg of grade A dessert cherries from Haygrove Farms in Ledbury for each of us. The simple idea? To take this wonderful fruit back to our respective cideries and create something magical. Now, after almost a year it’s time for the big reveal.

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5.0% abv | tart fruit
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